AK same day Fast pass Drops


Recently I was reading on here about “DAY OF” Fast Pass drops. We will be a group of 10 travelling the last week of February. I am trying to figure out what FastPasses I will go for and the times I will try to get to accommodate my touring plans.

If I book only two fast passes (say Navi at 9am and KS at 10am) would I be able to pick up a FOP fastpass at one of the day of drops or would I be limited to a tier two ride as I only did one from each category at that point? For instance if we have used our two FPP and try to get FOP for day of drop at 11:01?

Thanks again!

No, if you book two early fast passes (not Navi) and you have a later Navi, you can modify that fast pass to FoP. Or you can get a Navi and use all three fast passes and then try to get a FoP at a later drop.

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Got ya! Thanks for clarifying!

If you are on at the exact time (11:01, 1:01 etc) how likely is it that you can get them? Frequently or not often…

They have been pretty dependable. You sometimes need to refresh and during Christmas or other very high crowd times they might not have a drop.


Thank you! Luckily we are not going during too busy of a time (arrive Fri Feb 21 - Fri February 28)

I would recommend logging onto MDE a few minutes before the official drop time. Just to make sure you have time to get in and get started trying to modify. In my experience they drop at the EXACT drop times and only show up on one refresh and then they are GONE.

Also, with a group of 10 it may be wise to install MDE on two devices and have one person trying to get 5 and a second going after the other 5. I’ve heard larger groups can have a trickier time securing a large amount of FPs all at once.


Thank you!! Great idea!