AK - Safari fast pass question

Thanks to advice from ppl here - we decided to spend NYE at AK :slight_smile: It’s our first time, and I’m pretty excited! My question is about strategy re the Safari. I booked fastpasses for Everest, & Navi in the am, and then grabbed a Safari one for 12pm. I’ve read the best time for Safari is either early in the day - or sunset. So my question is - do I book the fast pass for 5PM safari instead (which is available) and basically assume we are stuck with only 3 FP’s that day? Or keep the 12pm one, with the hopes I can grab something else once we check in for that 3rd FP.

Would love to hear what people think!

I have ridden the safari many, many times at all times of day. Keep your 12pm FPP so you are not prevented from getting more as the day goes on. I haven’t seen much difference from morning to noon to evening.


I agree with @Wahoohokie. In fact I did a 9.10am safari this year that was the worst one ever - mainly because the giraffes were miles away and they’re my favourites, but still!


Agree…keep the noon FP…We had a 12:30 in the heat of May and saw more animals than I ever have on the ride.


We like to do the safari twice a day. Before FOP, we would head there for one of the first rides of the morning, when the animals are cool and fresh. Then we’d do a 1pm -ish safari, as well. The animals are out and maybe eating or just walking around. It’s a little different. I haven’t done the evening one, though.

I say, keep your 12pm one and then see if you can do an evening one either as standby or with another SDFP.

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The giraffes are my favorite too! It’s on my bucket list to stay at that hotel in Africa where the giraffes stick their heads in the windows for a snack while you are eating breakfast.

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That would be so cool. They are just beautiful animals.