AK’s second half problem

I’m planning my trip next month and have currently allocated AK a 3-8pm slot.

But I’m thinking this may be dumb because doesn’t AK basically shut down in the late afternoon?

What is there to do between 3pm and close at AK? Is there five hours worth of stuff?

Note: I’m planning on eating as late as possible at Y&Y. I’m not too bothered about going to Nomad. I hate Dinoland USA.


Great question! We are going the third week in June and AK is our least favorite of the parks. I have done the same and only allocated 2-8PM for this park. I am curious about what other’s think and if they have done this also?

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I’m sure @OBNurseNH and others will chime in, but I remember her writing something about KS is best later in the day due to a shorter line. Then there is the bird show, Lion King, Nemo is reopening soon, Everest, all the lovely trails around the tree and the animal trails too. Don’t forget the animation experience and Rafiki’s Planet (train ride out there). I forgot about P.land… b/c I don’t go there, but there’s that too. Oh, you should do the Rhino Tour, it was amazing! Oh, I forgot the R. tour is only at 11am.

In short, yes 5 hours is enough time.


The train closes early, I want to say about 4 but I could be totally wrong. We would happily spend 5 hours riding EE!

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Well, this is my point. The last train from Harambe is 4.30pm and Conservation Station closes at 5pm.

The trails and KS do stay open longer than I thought. In March they closed at around 5pm, but I see they are open later than that in June.


Didn’t you spend a bunch of time there collecting/winning cute dino toys?

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The trails are open until 7ish
Animation Experience has it’s last show around 5
The last FOTLK is around 5 as well

Y&Y is not booking past 430pm recently for whatever stupid reason.

Tree of Life Awakenings are not happening now

Safari is AMAZING at end of day. Best time to ride - walk on and tons of animals
It won’t be dark enough to enjoy Pandora at dark but you could ride FOP at end of day with little wait and maybe by the time you exited Pandora would be lit up.

What I would do in that time frame is:

  1. Tree of Life
  2. Expedition Everest either single rider or LL, but even if neither the wait isn’t long
  3. Maharaja Jungle Trek
  4. Snack
  5. Gorilla Falls
  6. Safari
  7. FOP/Pandora

If Animation Experience and FOTLK are important to you, skip Tree of LIfe and insert those there. You should still be able to do the rest.


You are dead to me.


It’s ridiculous how early AK is shutting. I hope the hours are going to be extended.


They have almost never been open very late. When ROL first started up and had two shows, I think it shut at 10pm for a brief time, but otherwise 9 has been the very latest and that’s rare

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LOL!!! I honestly do not know why this is??? We adore zoos and we love animals? But we only ever do AK for a half day.


Is the Conservation Station and all the other stuff out there worth making time for? I’d have to sacrifice FFF and FOTLK to do it properly.


I’m teasing :wink:

You probably love Epcot, and that’s fine.


Yup! You guessed it! We put aside 2 days for Epcot. :star_struck: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:


No!! Especially not at the cost of skipping FFF and FOTLK.

DH and I go there rarely, usually just to remind ourselves that it doesn’t really offer much for our interest level. The train ride is unexciting - seats face to the right, it’s a simple out-and-back over same area. Not much of a view. Others have seen a few things, but very limited.


It was 9 on our last trip. We forgot to go back to Pandora to see it lit up on one day and we left early because Joe was sick another day, so we were planning it this year but it’s shutting at 7.



Such a waste of time :wink:

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Yes but

Not at the expense of this


I just watched a YouTube tour of Rafiki’s Planet Watch and all that hullabaloo. It definitely doesn’t seem worth it.