AK Rope Drop

Working on my plan for AK. Planning on rope dropping on Sunday 2/16. Have a FP for FOP, EE and Dino as well as the 10:30 Caring for Giants tour.

We want to do the safari for sure and would like to not wait over an hour for Navi. Are Pandora attractions still opening prior to scheduled opening time? If so, if I Rope Drop Navi, will I still get to KS before the line gets long? With a 9 am opening, would I be able to hit say Navi, KS and Tough to be a Bug before 10:15 when I need to check in for the tour?


We were there last Friday and rope dropped Navi. I think we got there around 45 min before park opening. We were the second group on Navi and were off and drinking coffee at Starbucks by park opening. I’m not sure how fast the line for KS builds though as we had a FP for it.

You might check wait times on KS at 10 min after a current park opening to see what they look like.

And we were on KS forever because a giraffe decided to camp out on the road (they gave us an extra FP for the unfortunate experience of sitting among giraffes for 30 min. :P).