AK rest without leaving park

Staying at CBR with a 6 year old who doesn’t nap. Instead of the back and forth, I am considering just staying at AK the whole day. Are there any places where we can maybe lay a blanket down, stretch out and rest for an hour or so?

Not sure if you’ve noticed on any maps, but there are some nice pathways around the Tree of Life where you can feel out of the crowds and away from the hubbub. Not really a place to put down a blanket, but there are a few benches along the way and animals to look at.

There’s also the boneyard, which is fun for kids. There’s the play area for climbing and sliding and then the digging area on the other side. This is a nice break from walking and rides for kids and you can find a spot to settle in with the other parents keeping an eye on their kids and another eye on their phones.

The entrance to the Dinosaur ride is paved, but very long. You might find an area there to settle in for a break, or, just around the corner is an ice cream stand and a shopping area where you might find some shade.

Of course, you could take your time in either the of the jungle treks or just take a train ride out to Rafiki’s conservation station.

I don’t know if Pandora has any places to relax, but I’m guessing they will be busy for the next few years. Maybe someone else can give you more information on that.

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There are several large (covered) seating areas behind the Flame Tree BBQ with a lovely water view and shade trees. When I was there in February I ate a late lunch (around 2:30 or 3:00) and was practically alone the entire time. It was very quiet and peaceful - a wonderfully refreshing break from the crowds and the heat of the afternoon! If it’s anywhere near as empty when you are there, I think there would be plenty of room to lay out a blanket for a tired kiddo.

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I echo the Boneyard. My kiddos (7 & 5) played a long time in there and asked to return later in the day. Most of it is shaded by canopies and it wasn’t very hectic when we were there. Also, I agree with the area near Flame Tree BBQ - shaded and comfortable. My only other thought would be somewhere near the entrance of the park. There is so much shaded area as you walk in, but I can’t remember if there are seats/benches there.

If it’s hot, I suggest Finding Nemo. It’s quiet, relatively, dark and air conditioned. I’d fall right asleep in there, if tired enough. About a 45 minute show.

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Thanks so much guys! I think I’ll try Flame Tree when we eat, see how it is and then head to the boneyard If she gets her next wind and I’m still tired!!

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