AK - Rafiki/ Affection Section

In his latest video for TP, Brian mentioned that you should figure in about an hour between traveling on the train and visiting the area but my TP only accounts for 7 mins each for travel and 15 minutes for each area. We don’t want to spend forever there but should I bock out closer to 30 for Planet Watch and maybe 20 for affection section (we have plenty of farms here with goats )

In my TP its an hour. I only have conservation as a place holder and increased the time to 25 minutes. if you count the walking time from each thing plus riding the train it’s at an hour. We’ve never done this before so I am hoping it’s enough time. Wasn’t planning on spending that much time at the petting area.

Here’s a copy of my TP if it helps.Not sure if that helps or answered your question but I am thinking 25 mins is plenty unless there is a long line to met Doc. McStuffins.

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yeah, think i’ll add more time. It’s hard to get an idea of timing on some of the non-ride things in AK and it’s filled with so many.

I had a hard time with that one. I still have about 40 minutes to kill somewhere, which i am sure won’t be hard. I may move some things around during that time.

If you are doing Wilderness Explorers, there are 3 or 4 badges in this area (I think 1 on the walk in and 3 inside). Depending on how busy it is, these will take a little while since they are more involved than just meeting a person. There is also the Rafiki meet and greet and Doc McStuffins if you are seeing characters.

We tend to skip the Affection Section because like you said, we have lots of goats in the area to pet.

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last time we were there, we spent WAY more time than I had expected… i didn’t look at the watch though. we unexpectedly ran into a meet & greet with Chip & Dale that I hadn’t planned. the badge areas are super fun for youngsters. we spent several minutes at each.

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