AK question

AK has EMH when we are going. Our plan is to head right to KS at 8. TP is saying it opens at 9 and has us waiting 50 minutes to get on. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I clicked that we are using EMH from 8-9 before making the plan. I checked and KS is open at 8am. Thanks!!

KS quite often doesn’t open till 8.30, just so you know. I assume you’ve definitely ticked the button to use EMH? If so, I’d probably move it into the position you want it and then evaluate, not optimise. If it still won’t show you riding before 9, email webmaster@touringplans.com.

Thank you! I did click the evaluate and it still has a 9am opening. It even says opens 9am, closes 10:30pm after it. I will play around with it and email if I can’t get it to work. Thanks for responding so quickly!! :blush:

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TP lists KS as open during EMH. When we were there in May, KS didn’t open until 9 during EMH as on our day it was the special, extra EMH that has been added almost every day. How you are supposed to know this is beyond me! Someone here alerted me to an 830 open and so we checked at RD with CMs and then hit Navi, Dinosaur, and EE 2x between 8 and 9 and then had a 5-10 min wait at 915ish for KS.

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Thank you!! That must be it. We are also going on the EMH that have been added every day for the month of June. I agree - I’m just not sure how to tell which attractions are open for EMH vs. EMH?? :rofl: We will just get check out other things and get there close to 9.

I have seen conflicting times as well Discovery Island, Gorilla Falls some sights say 9 some say open for EMH. Some liners say yes some say no. We have a KS fast pass for 9:15 I would like to do DI and GF before KS but I’m not sure maybe ITtBaB and DI then KS. Either way I would like to get somethings done before 9.

I believe I read that it was only going to be open at 8 on two days a week.

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let us on KS until 9 when we went for EMH. We had to wait. We RD’d Navi.

Unlike a ride where there is a fixed “boot up” time to get things running, animals are not computers and frequently have a mind of their own. They may very well intend to open KS or the trails at 8:00, but they can’t until the animals have been checked and sometimes led into their enclosures. I’ve had this same experience at major zoos right at opening time. I almost always get a mid-morning FPP for KS and use RD for other attractions.


I wouldn’t have thought about that but it makes sense. Thanks for the tip!