AK plans May 29th

Touring plans has us seeing the 3:30 up bird show then the 4:00 Lion King show.

Is this even possible? Then we would arrive a bit late for our 4:30 ADR at Tusker House.

And is there a way to choose single rider line at EE? Or do I just make that a break? (Touring plans has us waiting 21 minutes at 7:00…assume single rider will be much shorter)

I bet there’s a disclaimer on the bottom that says something like, “this plan may have you arriving at a ride show break or meal a little later than you’d like” or something like that.

To answer your question, I don’t think it would be wise to plan that way. They will not allow you entry after the show has started at Lion King. I’m less worried about going to Tusker right after as you’d be fine or that - the show and the restaurant are just steps apart and even with the mob of people you’ll be there within 5 mins of reservation time.

I would manually move things around.

There is not a way to account for single rider. I would just know that you probably won’t wait that long to ride. But I will also caution you that sometimes SR line takes far longer than you imagine.

Totally unsolicited advice :wink: but if you have to cut one of those shows from your plans, I’d recommend cutting the Up bird show. We went last year and honestly wished that we hadn’t. We really weren’t impressed. (Though they ran into some technical problems… one of the birds of prey flew off and didn’t come back. I don’t think they could really continue the show after that.) I loved the Lion King show, though!

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Thanks! I loved the bird show years ago but have heard it is pretty terrible now! I think we will drop that, see Lion King then eat.

Thanks for replying!

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I heard the same thing about the bird show since the changes. Too bad! I really liked the old one!