AK plan help for June trip

The day we’re planning on going to AK is a EMH. This is our 4th day and we’ll have been going from early to late on our other days. We cannot take a “rest day” or we won’t see everything we want to see. The least I can do is give us a sleep in day :wink:

We have a ROL package with Tusker House and a FOLK package with Tiffins (which just became available for these dates recently, in case anyone is interested!). The break in the plan is accounting for the show and safari. Obviously I don’t have those FP, but that’s what I’ll aim for at my 60 day mark unless you all think I’d be better off with a different scenario.

Does this look like a solid plan? KRR smart at the beginning of the tour? I’ve never been to Florida…is it super humid and take us forever to dry off (this is the climate we are used to) or do you dry off fairly quickly? The safari is in the afternoon…we’ve heard that morning or evening is the best time…will we be disappointed (of course, we have nothing to compare it to, so our expectations are low)? I got those packages because I knew we’d love the shows and the FOLK package is a splurge I thought my family would enjoy the most.

You all are very helpful! Thanks for all the tips in planning our once in a lifetime trip to WDW! Hopefully I’m not annoying with all my newbie posts.


You have to publish your plan for us to see it. :wink:

I thought I had made it public. Thanks for pointing that out! I unchecked, checked it again and pasted the link again. Hopefully it’ll work now. Thank you!

Works now! I’ll take a look!

I like your FP choices. Florida is the MOST HUMID PLACE EVER, so I would bring a change of clothes unless you wear sports/quick dry materials. :wink:

I personally would not wait 62 minutes for Navi. It’s a pretty ride and the anamatronic is spectacular but it’s not very long and there’s absolutely no story line. FOP on the other hand is the best ride at Disney. So they’re a fun pairing.

The rest of your questions I don’t really have experience with. Hope someone else can help!

I’ll let others chime in on KRR as I have not gotten very wet on KRR in the past. So not really much help there.

My one concern I see is that you only have an hour at TH. I haven’t personally eaten there, but that seems like a tight turn around for a character buffet.

I also agree with the above - 62 minutes is a long time for a not very good ride. If you can plan to see Pandora in the evening, then there are much more enjoyable ways to spend that time (Pandora Drummers are very cool if you want something else in the land). Maybe check out a YouTube video so you can decide?

Other than that, you have a very enjoyable day :slight_smile: love AK and love that you are prioritizing shows!

You are so lucky. I am that person who always walks off and is drenched from head to toe. My children don’t want to sit next me on that ride because of my horrible luck.

My 8 yo self (25 years ago) is super jealous! I never get wet on the “may get wet rides”!!!

Now watch me be totally unprepared and get soaked on the next go round.

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Thank you for the input! I’ll leave it as it is. Our non-sleep in plan has a much shorter wait for Navi and a morning Safari and some more general free time to explore, so maybe I can convince my family to wake up and make RD that day :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure how much time to leave for TH, so we’ll linger if we need to and may just cut out Navi. My family HATES getting wet, so I’m not sure they’ll want to get on KRR…I’m the one that wants to, lol. I might be by myself for that one. :joy:

I don’t mind getting a little wet. I don’t like being soaked to the point I need to change all of my clothes.