AK or HS: conflicting crowd calendars

I need some advice! The crowd calendar for a Saturday in April says overall crowd of a 7, with AK being a 5 with EMH, and HS at an 8. Other crowd calendars say the exact opposite. We’re staying onsite, but have always avoided EMH parks under the belief that they’re busier. I can’t understand why HS would be an 8 and AK a 5, but would really appreciate some advice on whether EMH is worth it at AK or we should follow the other crowd calendars and go with HS?
Any advice really appreciated!

I think the Unofficial Guide rule of thumb on EMH now is if you’ll take advantage of it, they’re great - if you don’t then you may want to avoid. Looking at the April Crowd Calendar, it seems that AK is projected to be a lower rating (or the same) all week. Looking at the week we’re going in July it is much the same - the numbers may be more a product of HS being short on rides right now due to all the construction more than anything.

In general I’d trust the numbers here more than others and have heard that EMH may be the best way to deal with Pandora if you’re willing to be up that early. No personal experience yet, but we are planning on an EMH at AK for our next trip. It also sounds like Pandora is such a crowd magnet that the rest of the park won’t be bad if you can cross off Pandora early.

In general, based on the TP algorithms for calculating “CL” (which really means wait times), DHS will probably always have higher numbers as there are fewer attractions and more people trying to ride them. With wide-ranging rumors that TSL will be opening on Memorial Day, I’m assuming that higher CLs starting in June are to be expected.

I would say to anyone planning a trip in the June-December time frame, DHS CLs and TPs are going to be a lot of “best guesses” and will probably change a lot until actual data starts to come in. There’s a distant chance that I might be squeezing in a trip in late Fall, and my DHS day(s?) will probably be a big blank other than FPPs (however they decide to work them) and ADRs until a week or two out…

Thanks so much to you both! I couldn’t figure out why HS would have such a high crowd number in April, post Easter and before Toy Story Land opens, but see your point that it is based on crowd level vs. things to do. We’ve just never done am EMH given the general consensus seems to be that it’s the park that gets the most crowded, but I agree here it might make sense to get into Pandora, with EMH and then explore the rest of the park. Of course, that’s assuming we can get FOP FP for that day!

Many thanks again for your help!