AK on checkout day from Contemporary - drive or bus from hotel?

We will go to AK on the day we check out from Contemporary. Realistically, we won’t be out super early, maybe 9am from the hotel. Theres the option of driving to AK but on dec 28th around 10am I imagine the parking lot will be packed. Other option is leaving the car at Contemporary and taking the bus to AK to save parking cost and not end up at the furthest corner. But maybe the buses are packed too, how long will it realistically take in the morning and then back around 4-5pm?

If you have you own car and are staying on property parking at the parks is free. At least that is what I thought.

As for how long on the busses I don’t know.


Definitely drive. You could be walking into the park before your bus even arrives, and when it’s time to leave you don’t have to return to your hotel by bus. Most of the AK parking lot is an easy stroll to the front so if you just missed a tram go ahead and walk.

Just show your room key at the parking booth and you’ll enter for free.


Will this work after check out though? We need to do that in the morning and then head to AK

Yes! We use our room privileges on checkin and checkout day. Free parking, early magic hours, late magic hours, admission to parks that are closed, transport and so on! We used to get a parking pass but I think that was phased out. Your room key will have your checkout date printed right on it and the parking attendants are always very friendly and eager to help.

Actually, the early entry on checkin day is an often overlooked advantage. You can checkin at 6am (you won’t get a room however) and get yourselves to a park!

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No such thing as a room key. But magic band will have the necessary info on it


Snap, yes of course no key. I’m showing my age lol!

I remember those days very well!

Thank you, I will utilize the parking and drive to AK after checking out