AK Morning - what to RD?

So I was thinking of buying the ILL for FOP, and then grabbing the first LL I can for Navi R.
ETPE rope dropping KS

Later in the morning, hoping for some Sacred Space time as well as checking out Africa, Disco Is. and at PO+120 I grab an LL for Dino.
At some point standby for Tough to be a Bug (or my 3rd LL).

In the afternoon, we’ll do the Dino stuff.

(Everest, Asia and Conservation Stn will be another day.)


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Is KS open for ETPE?

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Oy good catch.

OK, so… 1st LL will be KS and… RD Navi??

Hopefully ILL for FOP isn’t too far away or too close to RD Navi.
And hopefully I don’t get KS in the middle of the day.

Gee I’m glad this “our plan is you can’t plan” approach was sooooo popular in California

I would save my dollars and RD FOP. With ETPE your wait will be short if you are at the front of the pack. Navi will be a short wait right after. I would LL something else entirely


I easily rope dropped FOP this past Saturday (of MLK weekend).

When FOP was done, I went to Na’vi, … mostly because I didn’t have time to hike back to Pandora later in the day. At that point, KS wasn’t open (not sure if it was down or not running during Early Entry).

After Na’vi I did KS, visited with the Gorillas, and then caught the first Feathered Friends show before heading over to Nomad. I had a 20min wait after putting my name on the wait list.


This. If you’re really going to RD, you can do FOP and Navi first thing with minimal wait.

That said, if you are too far back at FOP or just want to sleep in an extra 30 min, I would RD Navi and get an ILL for FOP. Then get LL for KS, but only if you are planning to hop and use Genie+ at MK or HS later in the day. If not, I wouldn’t bother with Genie+ unless you bought it in advance for all days.


Now that sounds like a perfect morning!

Hoping to actually RD.
Getting everyone out the door might be like herding cats.