AK Morning Extra Magic Hour Question

39 days till trip, can’t wait.

I am finalizing our touring plans and have a question about ride open times for AK
We will be at AK on 6/20 with an EMH start of 8am.
We want to ride Kilimanjaro and Kali River between 8-9am but I now see they don’t open till 9am.
Can someone confirm the hour delay in the open time, is this normal?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have nothing to add other than I’ll be in AK the same day!

According to the Disney website, Kali River Rapids isn’t available for EMH. Kilimanjaro Safaris is a maybe. But remember the purpose of doing EMH everyday in June is to get a majority of people through Pandora early, so KJ may not be open at all at that time.

We will be there the day before and I am having a similar issue with KS. I had thought about doing Dinoland during EMH, but then we would need to go back again later for the boneyard and for my 4 year old to meet characters. I have three different touring plans for the day at the moment.

Expedition Everest is usually open for EMH. You can hit that, then go to Dinosaur, then be able to be first or near the front for Kilomanjari, which I don’t think does EMH either, so being there at 9 when it will open gets you there. This is, of course, if you want to bypass the Pandora stuff. That is our big debate right now…I don’t want to spend the extra hour waiting in a ride line when I know I can hit three rides during that time that will have long waits later. My older kids want to hit the new stuff first though. #Disneyproblems