AK lunch?

Looking for some advice. We’re a group of 8 (4 adults, 4 children ages 8-12). I have a reservation for lunch for 6 at Yak & Yeti, but learned that it cannot be expanded by 2 people because apparently there is no table that seats more than 6 people in the restaurant. Oops - I shouldn’t have assumed it would be easy to expand the reservation. No additional reservations for the time available.

I could just walk in and ask for two tables of 4 and see what happens.

I could get the Landry card before we go, but is this the type of situation that the having the Landry card could help?

Or, I could dump the reservation and just do quick service lunch somewhere instead. Is there a quick service in AK liners like and recommend?

There is a reservation available for our party size for lunch at Saana. Is lunch at Saana worth the hassle of leaving the park? Is it walkable?

Please give me your thoughts. Thanks for any suggestions.

Sanaa is not walkable but is a VERY short bus ride away. Personally I love it and feel it’s a nice break and really good food.


We really enjoy Flame Tree BBQ! I’ve also heard great things about Satu’li Canteen. We’re trying it later this month!


I second the vote for Flame Tree BBQ if you go QS route.


You’re all wrong.

Satu’li Canteen is the way to go. Best QS on property and with mobile ordering zero wait for food.


I triple Flame Tree.
It’s always been my favorite counter service and a variety of seating options.

I do see the salad option seems different than my last visit.

Well I am from Kansas City, and that BBQ is pretty darn good…and cheese fries with pulled pork on top…Mmmmm :cheese::fries:

You can keep your alien food. :alien::fork_and_knife:



LOL. Really. I LOL’d.

I would vote for Satu’li–great food and different from your typical QS meal. Flame Tree would be a close second.

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Agree 100%.

This Carolina barbecue girl cannot stand the ketchupy stuff at Flame Tree.

Are you NC (east or west) or SC BBQ? Inquiring minds want to know! (and yes, it matters :wink:)

We always loved Flame Tree but I have to say the last time we ate there it was definitely not as good as it has been in the past.

I’m still getting used to there being a restaurant in Pandora. I don’t know why, either - Satul’i is AMAZING. Definitely do that if you are looking for QS. But if you’re set on TS, I think Sanaa is a reasonable location.

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I’ve been both and love them both. Later childhood was in Asheville, but I lived for 4 years as an adult in Raleigh. And went to college in Spartanburg, SC. LOL.

That’s what happened to us at Sunshine Seasons. I worry about it becoming widespread.

Sounds like the consensus is to dump the Yak & Yeti reservation - for Flame Tree or Satul’i or for Sanaa if we want sit down. Thanks for input.

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I lived in Hickory, Chapel Hill, and Durham over the years but no longer live in NC, but vinegar-based BBQ all the way!

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