AK Kidani Village or Jambo House?

Just decided to extend our trip and stay at an AK resort for a couple nights. Villas Kandi and Jambo both have availability for our dates. Which one is better and why? Price is the same. We have stayed at AKL in the past. Are one of these DVC properties in the lodge? Thanks!

Both are awesome, but we seem to prefer Kidani. It seems more quiet and peaceful for some reason with the way its laid out at the lobby. Plus I think Kidani has the next best pool on property after Stormalong Bay. Either way tho in the end its a can't lose situation smile

Although I have visited Kidani, I have never stayed there. I must say that the lobby of Jumbo is my favorite smell in WDW! I also love Mara! It is my favorite CS for breakfast.

The Jambo DVC rooms are on the 5th floor of the Lodge.

It's like picking your favorite child…they both are awesome. Jambo House seems to be a bit more "busy", so if you like the hustle and bustle of things, that's the place to be Kidani is much more quiet and subdued, but we enjoy the pool there more than Jambo.