AK Kidani Villa room request

We have a standard studio at Kidani Village. I’m hoping to get lucky and request a savannah view. We also want a short walk to the pool. Any suggestions??? First time staying here.

Have you seen our Hotel Room View finder?

Room 7855 is a standard studio at Kidani, 4th floor, and looks like it has a decent view. Also 7955 (on the 5th floor).

You’d use these words to request room 7855 from Disney: Bldg 1,Flr 4,N-facing room. Exmple: 7855, 7955, 7755, 7655, 7837, 7831, 7829, 7823, 7815

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@len, we used the room finder and request for AKL 2bdrm std view. Turns out the one (7634) we requested is actually safari view. Just wanted to let ya’ll know so the site could be updated. The CM that called stated that standard rooms will be odd numbers.

Ah, fabulous. Thanks for that!

If I request a savannah view near rafaki elevator which savannah would that probably be in? Pembe or sunset savannah?