AK Kidani Room Views question

Hello, I’m new to posting here, but have been a long time TP subscriber.

We are staying in a STD VIEW Studio at Kidani for the first time on our next visit, and am looking for the perfect example rooms to include in our fax. It looks like the following rooms are listed at STD VIEW on the website:

7737, 7837, 7937, 7755, 7855, 7955, 7655.

However, these rooms are also listed as STD VIEW in the second floor, but SAVANNA VIEW on the upper floors:

7628, 7630, 7638

Could anyone verify if these 2nd floor rooms are really STD VIEW rather than Savanna? They seem awfully nice for STD,


I am also staying there in December and was looking at rooms. There is no way those rooms can be std view. Must be a mistake on the TP search.

It is a mistake. I emailed TP about it (although it hasn’t been fixed).

Thank you for responding! I thought it was too good to be true!

Now there are some standard view rooms that have a partial savanna view.

Thank you, yes I saw those, and will list those as example rooms for my fax when the time comes. My husband and I will be there for our 45th anniversary celebration, and being able to come home at the end of a very busy day, since Star wars will be open by the time we get there, it would be great to sit out on a patio and just veg out while we drink a glass of wine and hopefully watch a couple of animals rather than cars in a parking lot. :wink:


Oh, that would be nice. Mention your anniversary in your fax request.

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