AK in the afternoon and april vacation days

Since AK for us is not a “all day park” we decided to do it the day we arrive. Thinking we will get there around 12:30-1. I’m just wondering what the crowds have been like in the afternoons.

Also my next trip is scheduled for the (northeast) week of april vacation (april 19-23). Is that vacation for alot of areas in the country?

Not for most of the Southeast. By that time of year pretty much all Spring Breaks have happened as we usually finish the school year by Memorial Day weekend.

It depends on what you want to ride… anything pandora you need to RD or expect l-o-n-g waits.

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Well, Its not a must do for me, we’ve done it, and we’re going back for 8 days in august. I guess we will play it by ear that day. I’ve always rope dropped AK and then left by noon, so I have no idea what things are like after that. I tend to assume most people aren’t going to hop there since they close early, and the rope droppers might dwindle in the afternoon I suppose? At least that’s what I’m hoping… Currently TP has crowd levels at a 5 that day? I’m assuming its based on historical april crowds?
We have no choice to do AK another day. We are only there 4 1/2 days and we always do 2 at MK and 1 and half at HS. We’re actually just going to hop in the afternoon to epcot. So arrival day AK it is.

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Ok thanks. I’ve never been in april and since that is our school vacation week, I wasn’t sure if it was others! I’m hoping for a lower crowd…