AK in August

We are going to WDW in mid/late August. Last time we went it was super hot and humid, but we did well in all the parks except Animal Kingdom. For some reason, the heat got to us a lot more in that park. Last time, we left at 3 feeling rather miserable, but had done everything we wanted. We are going the same week this year. This time, we are arriving and going straight to a late breakfast at Tusker House. We have the ROL package, so the plan is to stay until after the first show (I believe it is around 8:00ish). Does anyone have tips to help us stay cool in that park? Good AC places that we could take a break if needed? Any parts with sprinklers or anything to cool off? Do they have shaved ice or anything for snacks?

Cooling towels were essential for us.
We bought these:
bahlvit cooling towels

Make sure to carry refillable water bottles too. Counter service location hand out free ice water. We mix with gatorade powder to minimize the Florida flavor.

The late breakfast is a great plan. Relax and take your time there.

We tend to linger in gift shops for the a/c.

Any and all of the indoor shows are good for escaping the heat. Lion King, Tough to be a Bug, Nemo.

We were at MK for 4th of July last year. We had a long lunch at Crystal Palace and planned to go on most of the indoor attractions. We kept a very slow pace and focused on staying hydrated. It was a very enjoyable day because we took it easy.

Thanks! I will check it out.