AK hours messed up in TP

I’m making a TP for 1/27/20. The posted hours are 9a-8p, with morning EMH. I have my TP set to use EMH and stay open to close.

The TP knows the park is open until 8:00 and that I plan on being there then, but in the actual steps it’s not giving times for anything after 5, and it’s saying I won’t get to everything before close.

Yes, I took a photo of my monitor… I hate creating plans on my phone!

Is this optimised or evaluated?

According to that screenshot, you have the Gorilla Falls Trail after it closes @4:30pm - since your Safari FP starts @ 4:35pm.

It would be easier if you published the actual plan itself though.

Edited: Just noticed the message from Evaluate. I think that’s your problem! Once it cannot do one attraction, the Evaluate option probably then stops trying.


I think your problem is when gorilla falls closes. In my experience, if you have any NA errors based on closed attractions, the touring plan will error out the rest of your night. Instead of skipping gorilla falls and telling you to do the 5 pm lion king show. Make sense?


Thanks, I missed that!