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On our upcoming trip, we need to visit GS on our first park day - which is going to be AK. From what I remember / google, GS are after the tapstiles - I’d like to visit GS and then RD so my question is will I be able to get through the tapstiles early enough to visit GS and then RD (we’re on site), or am I going to have to abandon RD?

GS has a line before tapping in too (at AK)


There is, as @vcka indicated, access to GS before the taps

Here is a screen shot of the entrance area. The red circle surrounds the area where GS is located. The long skinny “building” to the right of that circle is the taps


There is also a GS at Disney Springs. Depending on what your need is, you can also visit them the day before - such as activating an annual pass and getting the hard card.

Great, thanks both. If normal park opening is 8 (with EE 7.30) what time will GS open?

I need it for DAS, which I’m guessing DS won’t do?!

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No, DAS must be done at the park. Each park has a GS location outside the tapstiles.


That I’m not sure of. It would make sense for it to open before the park does but this is what the page says:

If it were me, I might go on ahead of my group (if you think the group will get there on their own without issues) and arrive by 7. I would hope that they would open between 7-730 for an EE of 730 as guests would potentially need their services before they actually enter the park.

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You can set up DAS before you go though too:


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Unfortunately not if you’re in the UK…!

Yes, think I’ll plan for arriving a 7 and hope I can get everyone out… we’ve got a car which makes it easier…

Oh dang I didn’t realize that or that you’re in UK either.

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Do you have a vpn?

This video shows how you can do it:

Oh that is a great idea! I hadn’t thought about a VPN - I thought there was something more fundamental why they wouldn’t do it! I’ll get one sorted out, thanks!

I hope it works for you. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: