AK, FOP and Rider Swap

Planning 1 of 2 AK days for our next trip in February 2019. Day 1 will consist of myself, my parents, DD8, DS6, DD4 and DD2. My husband will be joining us later in the trip.

For AK Day 1, I plan on us being in the park for EMH at 8, RDing Na’Vi, riding what we can in the morning and saving our FPs for when we return in the evening. My thoughts are FOP at 5:30, KS at 6:30 and EE at 7:30.

Here’s my question…DD4 and DD2 won’t be able to ride FOP and I really don’t want to deal with RS because last time it just seemed to take forever for the non-riding party to wait for their turn. So I thought what I would try and do is stagger our groups FPs…like have myself and DD8 ride FOP at 5:30 with FP+ while my parents take the other kids on KS at 5:30 with a FP. Then, I’d switch the group so those that didn’t ride FOP at 5:30 would have a FP for 6:30 and those that didn’t ride KS at 5:30 would have a FP for KS at 6:30. I’m not concerned about this plan for DD2 since she won’t have a ticket/FP anyway but will it be a problem for me to secure two FPs for DD4 on KS since she wouldn’t be able to ride FOP with either group?

I think that technicaly speaking you can’t FP the same ride twice, regardless of tier. However, you could almost certainly swap bands to make it work.

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You won’t be able to get two for the same ride in advance - however if you book one, and then use it, if there was one available same day you could then get it.
To be clear - to try for same day, you would either have to use all 3 that were pre-booked, or don’t pre-book all 3, then after you use it try and get another one.
However, I don’t think that KS is a ride that has a lot of same day FP’s

There is no point in only pre-booking one or two FPs if you’re staying in the same park. You would have to use 3 before getting an FP for a duplicate ride.

Swapping bands within the park is fine.

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