AK Fast Pass

My touring plan has mostly short wait times and makes it look like I don’t even need fast passes. Is there something I’m missing? It’s an EMH with Kilamanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids all before rope drop. Nothing else on my list has real long waits and the software doesn’t suggest fast passes for anything.

are you sure Kali is for EMH on your TP? Kali isn’t an open attraction during morning Magic hours.

other than that, it’s possible. I’ve done Everest 6 times in a row during morning magic hours.

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Kali is actually on the schedule for right at 9:00 so there is vitrually no wait.

That’s good to know. If we get most of the rides done in the morning we can just explore the park in the afternoon.


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If you’re riding Kali in the early morning…be sure to wear your poncho… :sunglasses:

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We did Kali first thing in the morning. My friend forgot to pack the ponchos. I got soaked. I was wet all day. Next time poncho or not, I would do Kali last.

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KRR last. Always last


That’s what we did, ride it last…and our ponchos saved us…we took a direct hit…would have been miserable…it was not a very warm day…