AK evening hours?


I may have missed a discussion on this topic but I don’t see any evening hours for AK after 5 Sept. We’re going 1st week in December and can’t plan anything after 5 PM. Anyone here what the latest is?



There WILL be PM hours extending into the winter. The AK PM activities are “permanent” additions. By Dec, RoL should be playing. PM hours have not been adjusted yet, pending announcements regarding RoL (RUMORS are that Labor Day weekend is the new target date - which aligns with Sept 5th).

The question is what those PM hours will be. In December it’s pretty much dark by 5:30, so they could still close at 7 or so (which would offer the same amount of “after dark” time as they are offering now).

Also, I will be a little put out if they open RoL on September 5, since I’m leaving that afternoon!

Again rumors, but folks from some other forums - with inside knowledge of how Disney works - are saying that even in the winter it will be at least until 9:00. One of the reasons is that they just opened Tiffins, and if they closed much before that it would impact dinner ADRs. Also, they are planning on running at least 2 RoL shows every night, and even if it was dark by 5:30, starting the first one much before 7:30 would impact the “dinner hours”. Again, still all “conjecture”, but from people who have a pretty good track record…

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Similar hours to Epcot and/or Hollywood Studios would make a ton of sense as they both have night time shows and ADRs to deal with. That should yield a lot of 9PM finishes with an occasional 8PM on slower nights of the week.

Thanks. That makes sense. Hope they open the reservation window soon. Lot of planning still to do….

Just saw that MDE is listing AK park hours after sept 5 as closing at 8 until mid sept, when the time bumps up to 7:30, and then in mid October, closing at 7:00. So that’s some additional evening time.

For those interested, just got a Reservation Alert from Reservation Finder for AK Rainforest dinner. Previously only listed thru lunch. Maybe the evening attraction schedules will post soon.


I omitted it was for a 29 November dinner…


While optimizing our Nov 29th AK visit, I noticed TP updated park closing from 6 PM to “predicted time” 7 PM. Looking good as it was originally 5 PM. Couple more weeks and some evening schedules should pop up, right?