AK / Epcot Fast Pass Question

So…fast pass day was today and things went fine but I have a question for the group. Our second day will be split between AK in the morning and Epcot from about 4:30 to close. Both parks are a 2 or a 1 that day so I don’t expect anything to be too busy and I have fast passes for Na’vi River at 9:30, Dinosaur at 10:40 and Kilimanjaro Safari at 11:45. However, we’ll be back in Animal Kingdom on the evening of 9/18 which is a crowd level of 1 and have fast passes for Kali River, Kilimanjaro Safari and Flight of Passage so I feel like if we miss something on day one we can grab it on day 2. That being said, should I dump the AK fast passes I have for the 14th and go ahead and secure Frozen / Test Track, Soarin and something else or keep the AK fast passes and just see what’s available for Epcot after I use those initial AK fast passes?

If you are talking about dumping the AK FPPs on the day you have NRJ, DINO, & KS, I would especially if Soaring or the other EP attractions you mentioned are favs of yours. We were at WDW in early May with the CLs never above a 4. When we were at AK, the CL was about a 3 and we had just a 25 min wait for NRJ and DINO. We had a FPP for KS.

I’ve never done Soarin or Test attack or any of that. Never been to Animal Kingdom either. But we should be done by 12:30 or 1:00. Do you think I’ll be able to get fast passes to a couple of those attractions after I wrap up AK?

Any other thoughts out there?

We never have a problem picking up Soarin’, Test Track or Frozen as a 4th Fastpas, especially in the afternoon or evening. That’s for a party of 3, When we stay at the Beach Club we usually spend the morning in one park, go to the pool early afternoon and then walk to Epcot late afternoon or early evening for dinner. I just pick up Fastpasses for whatever our DD wants to ride there before we leave the resort. :slight_smile:



We loved the Safari and enjoyed doing it twice over our trip. TT has a single rider line and Soarin is pretty easy to book same day. (I grabbed 5 pm FP around 1 pm), so I would keep the AK FP.
Do you have another Epcot morning that you could RD Frozen and FP TT?

We had another Epcot morning but I had afternoon passes for Flight of Passage that I couldn’t give up so I was looking at having no fast passes for Epcot for our entire trip? However, with the new CL update, I’ve switched an Epcot and HS morning so now I have fast passes for Epcot so I guess this is all moot at this point.

Thanks for the feedback though.

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