Ak emh rd

I haven’t been able to find any up to date information about this so I was wondering if you experts could help me!

We’re planning to RD EMH at AK on a CL7. We have a FPP for FOP so would like to rope drop Navi and then head over to Dinosaur. I know that people can be on and off FOP by 8.45 for 9am openings, do they open Pandora early on EMH too? What time should we aim to get there for?

Bumping for a response.

As of October they were opening Pandora early for EMH. I can’t remember exactly what time - we were there during an 8AM EMH and I think they let us in about 7:30? My memory is a little fuzzy but it was definitely well before 8.

Just make sure you take a look at when Dinosaur opens. The last time we went, it didn’t open until 9:30 - you may be able to get something else in between Navi and Dinosaur.