AK EMH RD Na’vi or KS?

We are headed to AK on 11/16. We going to take advantage of extra magic hours. I am hoping to ride Na’vi and KS with minimal wait, which order would suggest and is it possible to do both before the lines get long? My FPP are for very late In the day and I don’t know if my 2 and 4 year old will make it that late. Thanks!!

Sometimes KS doesn’t open right away, just FYI. I would RD Navi then head over to KS. Just did this a week ago and we only waited 10 minutes or so for KS jeeps to start running.


Thank you! Good to know that KS might not be open when we first arrive.

Keep trying to modify your FP to earlier times. Often times, things become available.


Same for us. We rope dropped Na’vi, during EEMH, looked around the land, got coffee, shopped, used Fastpasses at 8:05, part of the group doing Fop or EE, then basically walked on to KS just after it opened. Slight delay while they waited for the giraffes that were on the road to move before they sent out more jeeps.


Are you avoiding FoP, FPPs for it later, something else?

We went in planning to do NRJ and FPP FoP later, but on arriving in Pandora at the head of the crowd a swift decision was made to do FoP first - if you can, it’s a great opportunity (we still used the FPP later on as well).

NRJ was still a walk on when we came out so nothing lost there, and KS may well not be open until after you are done with both.

This was an EEMH morning on 23rd October, if you’d like to compare crowd levels. Got through park security at 6.59 so didn’t arrive particularly early.

Thank you! That is good info, I would consider FoP if it went they way you described, we have one child not y’all enough to ride and couldn’t get a fast pass so we were thinking we might skip, I guess should see were we land I. The rope drop crowds.

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