AK early morning

I can’t decide which day to do AK. I’d planned to go 3rd day into our holiday because it’s EMH and it’s in August so I thought it best to see the animals early (by 10am after Pandora) before it gets too hot.
However, I’m concerned I won’t get FoP FP and am looking at having a backup day in case this happens. Trouble is, there are no more days with EMH. How important is it to get to Pandora during early opening? How likely do you think it is that I’ll be able to get FP for my 3rd day in? I’ve read tips that it’s best to try for the last few days of your holiday instead.

This will depend on group size. Obviously, getting two FPP for FoP is easier than for a group of six

Here’s a popular and reliable FPP availability calendar:

You can also get to the park about 60 - 75 minutes before opening to RD FoP. Doing this will get you on the ride and done, usually, in the first 30 minutes of park open.

Thanks, that’s really useful, I’ve bookmarked that link. There are 4 of us but, looking at that, I may be worrying unnecessarily, so long as I get on at the 60 day mark and get everything booked.

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