AK during busy time...ROL fastpass plus which other? touring plans

doesn’t have ROL fast pass included yet in the plans…

normally I’d pick Kali Dinosaur and Safari based on their recommendations…but thinking ROL fast pass might be nice [dining is all booked up plus $$$ for 5 adults].

Tips? Thanks.

When are you going? If it’s after Memorial Day then you’ll also have Pandora to think about.

I think we will have to wait and see if they introduce tiers. I’m sure there will be many blog posts about strategies once the new Animal Kingdom fast passes become available. Personally, I’m planning 2 days, just in case. If that’s not an option, I think that doing the old things first thing in the morning while everyone else is running to the new things might work. Do a Rivers of Light dining package for lunch and then FP the new things in the afternoon or evening. Maybe? I’m just guessing.

as i said dining plans are all booked up plus $200 for 5 for breakfast no thanks.

i am going in one month…

update…they were all booked up at 7am

Sorry. I should have read more carefully.

They FPs were all booked? Is there only one show? Next month? Theo things- is itva night a show is sxheduled? If it is- keep an eye out for a 2nd show to be scheduled that will add more FPs.

yes. all booked. yes one show. yes next month.

i’ll keep eye out.

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