AK Dinosaur hours

Can anyone confirm the hours of Dinosaur or anything else they changed during the fall in AK? I’m planning my Feb trip and MDE says one thing for hours while I’m hearing other things. I want to do our usual RD plan of hitting Dinoland and then going over to EE. We have FPP for FOP 11am so I’m not worried about Pandora. We’ve already done Navi so figured we’d try and conquer other parts of the park and then hit shows rest of the day, evening Safari and RoL. But if Dinosaur isn’t open during the AM EMH then the whole plan goes a little screwy.

It was open when I was there in February 2016. One other girl and I headed that direction and could have stayed on to ride again if we’d wanted to.

Oh, it was good up until fall when they cut back hours of safari, dinosaur and then closed the affection section… but it was rumored to only be short term so was curious if anyone knew of anything new on the matter

Earlier today I was able to look up the hours by date but I cannot get it to work right now!

Still closed!

Rafiki’s Planet Watch and Wildlife Express are currently unavailable to Guests. However, our world-class animal care will still continue behind the scenes. Please check back for updates.

It said earlier 9-8pm and then 8-9EMH hours. I just tend to believe the liners versus the website sometimes;)

It said 9 for every day when you changed the date? They changed the hours to 9:30 for most days a few weeks ago.

It was only announced until the end of the year, so maybe they are going back?


Would be nice. Still curious why they did so, especially hearing how awful the crowds have been this Dec.