AK day with ADR dinner at Boma—where to park (staying offsite)

We are doing an AK day with ADR at Boma at 6:30 to check out the lodge and maybe watch some animals from there after dinner before heading back to our condo. Ideally if we can we will rope drop for official park opening although I’m on the fence about staying all day. If we are staying all day until our reservation is it possible to park at AKL for the day and take transport into parks from there? It seems if I have a dining reservation I wouldn’t need to pay for parking BUT I’m not sure if they would allow someone with a dining reservation to roll up and park for free for the whole day.

Very unlikely they will let you through more than an hour or so before your reservation

Worth a try. Just don’t say when your reservation is. I’ve had security not even ask me more questions. They just wave me through. Worst comes to worst you loop around and go park at AK.

They have let me through to buy Zebra Domes at Mara!