AK Day--Just buy FOP ILL and do standby for rest of park? Or do G+ b/c also not doing EE

We have reservations for Boma at 6:25, so we will need to get out of park before then–maybe around 5:25 and then will likely just hang out at the AKL for the evening. I’m doing my TP now for AK. The earliest we can be in the park at the moment is 9 am (no EE for us, staying offsight). AK day is projected at a 7. Should I spend the money on FOP for my group of 4, and just do standby otherwise, or get G+ too and maybe get home a little earlier to rest before our dinner reservation? I’d rather not spend the $$ if I don’t have to of course. I’m just trying to evaluate what a 7 in AK means and how people have experienced the lines.

I’d be planning on buying FOP since you can’t get in line at RD or closing and just standby the rest of the day. But I haven’t been since Genie+ started so that’s not an expert opinion!

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Personally just by the ILL. I wouldn’t spend the extra money just to be able to have time to go home and rest before coming back to AKL. I don’t know that you will save hours.

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@drvillarejos I think that is what I’m leaning towards as well. It seems with a decent plan we can get several things done, and part of the charm is just wandering around to see the animals.