AK Day 1 (Day 1 of 10 - 9/3/19)

So it’s Tuesday 9/3 and WDW cut back operating hours. I had originally planned 8a-530p, but hours cut to 2pm. No big deal, just evaluate my plan and called it “AK - Dorian”

Left Windsor Hills at 7am. At Ak by 712am. Parked in Dino 32. Loaded up tram. tapstiles completely empty. Every security station open. They let us walk all the way back to KS. We had 15 min wait at stand by entrance of KS. We were the 5th group in line and rode the first vehicle. Sweet.

  1. Rode Dino 2x without getting off.
  2. Rode Triceratop Spin 2x without getting off.
  3. Rode KRR 2x without getting off.
  4. Rode EE 2x. used RS but some kids wen thru stand by again cuz so short.
  5. Watch ITTBAB.
  6. Watched FotLK.
  7. Watched UP Show.
  8. Rode Navi
    (It is now 1 pm)
  9. Rode standby FoP + RS
  10. Rode Navi with youngest son while others rode FoP.

Park is really empty everywhere. Parking lot was desolate by the time we got there. Less than 15 min drive back to house for dinner and pool.

Note: prolly cuz shorter hours, there was no 1:01 pm SDFP drop.

aside: park did not feel nearly as big. i think because lack of people and weather much cooler than 90 deg. it was weird. everything felt closer to. Maybe I got bigger…uh oh…


You accomplished so much before the park closed. Sorry Dorian has shortened your day though.

The only thing I kicked out was maharajah jungle trek, disc island trails and a bunch of WE. I will make up the first 2 items next week. In less time, I probably did more.

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