AK club level grub

Wondering if anyone that has stayed club level at AKL can tell me what kind of things they have to eat /drink. Thanks


@PrincipalTinker can help you here.

My iPad is crazy! It is now posting all photos sideways so I will come back later with my phone!


Here are some photos and I will come back later and add some comments .

Ok- is it the forum or me? I am leaving them but why are the photos posting sideways?

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Maybe @princeps_summus_niter is working with TP now.

@len, has there been a recent update? I tried from my iPad and my iPhone and my pictures are posting sideways. This has never happened before.

Maybe if you hold a phone sideways you can see the photos? These pictures are from February. There was a chef in the lounge every night preparing two hot choices. The food was very good. I love Jiko and Boma and the chef offerings were items you would find in those restaurants.

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