AK closing before dark?

Hi! I’m planning our family’s first trip to Disney May 2020 and I’m surprised (and bummed) to see the new AK hours being released. Will it really close at 5-6 pm?! I wanted to see the Pandora stuff at night :slightly_frowning_face:

In the same boat for January. We booked a ROL dining package months ago (when hours said 9am-8pm) and now AK is closing at 6pm with no ROL. Anyone know why? The dates for early closure are very random.

Do you have specific dates?

It’s unusual for them to shorten hours. And there is one early closing day known about for AK, either April or May 6th is ringing a bell.

From what I can see, AK is closing later than that. Where are you seeing these hours listed? Are you sure you aren’t looking at the water park hours?

There are two Wednesday’s, so far, April 28th and May 6th that AK is closing at 6.

Thanks for the replies. The date I was talking about was May 6. It just so happens to be the night I planned on being at AK late during my trip! My 180 days is in 2 days, so I just rearranged some things and we’ll do AK that morning instead.
Even though I’ve resolved my own issue with the early closing, I’m still curious about why they’d do that at all? Anyone know?

It’s most likely to be a corporate event, or possibly a CM recognition event.

There was one recently at MK, Oct 22nd I think. That one was related to the Gartner Convention.


How did I not see this?! 4/28 is our 4P1D day!

Back to the drawing board…

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Also Moonlight Magic that day!

What’s 4P1D Day?

Googled it! Got it!

which park?

Would be hard to move this… but might have to

MM at Magic Kingdom on April 28th. Also the 21st, with Epcot on the 4th May. Not sure when your dates are.

just double checked as I couldn’t figure out how I missed these details. We are doing 4P1D on 4/29 phew!

4/28 was in my mind because that’s when we move to AKL for the second part of our split stay.