AK Closes Before Sunset?

Just noticed the park hours for this summer show AK closing at 7pm, aka pre-sunset. Does that mean seeing Pandora at night is a thing of the past?
Edit to add… we’re going in late July


Right now the park is actually closing at 8pm, which is close to sunset, so you get sort of a dusk experience, plus the time walking out of the park can be nice. My guess is that they will probably extend the hours for the rest of the summer to 8pm. But unless they extend to 9pm, you probably won’t get the full Pandora at night experience.


During my July trip the current hours show the park closing at 7. Could those hours be extended? Yes, but as of right now I believe @773MilesAway is concerned about that 7pm time.


idk which month you are referring, but if it’s more than 30 days out Disney hasn’t finalized their calendar. (Heck, they’ll sometimes update it a couple weeks out)

All the parks are still ramping up now that things have started going back to pre-COVID. A lot of the precautions were only removed a couple weeks ago… The calendar and special events are all coming back and need to be coordinated.

We are all Planners that like knowing what to expect, but you may have to wait a little longer for those posted hours.


Yes, my point was that since hours are 8pm now, I think they’ll extend them for the summer. It would be odd for summer to have less hours than early May. But definitely a possibility that 7pm will stick and should be prepared for.

late July! Yes, love planning :wink:

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In April, Disney was posting new hours only about three weeks ahead of time. They seemed to post the updates on Fridays so keep checking back.

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