AK buyout / "closed" 12/10 & 12/11

So… looks like the Pop Warner kids will being doing an exclusive buyout of AK on 12/10/19 & 12/11/19 (Tuesday & Wednesday) from 7pm - 12am

If you go to AK that day, you’ll have to leave at 6pm as if it were a standard DAH event.

OK, that’s a bummer, I knew when I picked the day the hours seemed odd closing early, but went with it anyway. My plan was to get to FOP before 6 so I could ride it, will they actually kick us out at 6 or will they let those in line continue on?

If you are in the queue by 5:55pm (sometimes 5:59pm) you get to stay in line.

The party officially “starts” at 7pm. This gives the CMs an hour to cycle out all the non-party guests.

OK, I’m about to nitpick…lines can be 90 mins long…what happens if I’m in line at 5:55 and still in line by 7?

As long as you enter the queue before 6pm you will get to stay in line - no matter how long the queue takes. You will be immediately ushered / walked by a CM to the main gates after your ride.

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Generally they account for it.

90 minute waits for the Standby line generally is because the FP line keeps trumping the SB line. But, they stop allowing FP people in line at 6:00 as well (or sooner, if everyone with a FP has already been through). So the same number of people in the SB line can go significantly faster. The 90 minute wait might actually end up being 45 minutes as a result.


On the positive side, the early closing may (and very likely will) keep others away so you may have lower crowds than if the park were open later.


Also, don’t pay any mind to how long the wait is posted for. It will probably read 90 min + to dissuade people from getting in line because of the hard ticket event. The actual wait may be significantly less.