AK Breakfast?

what are the most common breakfast options at AK? any Mickey waffles to be found? will be at BW. would it be crazy to grab breakfast at AKL first and then head to park (not going to be a RD day)?

Are you thinking Boma? How would you get to AKL?

not Boma, just quick service to get Mickey Waffles. But i’m looking through menus and don’t seem to be a lot in that area. May just grab them at BC Marketplace before heading over (there arent any on BW that I can tell). We’re not a big breakfast family, it will be our last day and wanted to make sure we had some. transportation wouldnt be an issue. I figure we could uber/minnie van to AKL and then bus to AK.

The Mara is a great QS. It is located by the AKL pool with seating inside and out on the patio. The Mara is one of my favorite QS restaurants and I might consider taking an Uber if you have never been to AKL?

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I agree. I’m NOT a QS person at all, but the Mara is definitely a step above the others. Not a big breakfast eater, so I can’t say if they have Mickey waffles or not (not all resorts do). I’m a coffee and pastry for breakfast kind of guy, so Kussafari is my usual stop.

we are going to try for TH pre RD they do have waffles and excited to see Donald