AK Boneyard

TP plugged in 30 min for the Boneyard. It didn’t give me a choice for length of stay. For those who have been there, can you describe the area for me? Is it a big sand pit? Playground?

It’s both! It is a lot of things. It’s a large play area meant for kids of different ages. I have a toddler and we did not go to the sandy area. The floor of the main area is the spongy playground material. There are some slides and climbing structures all of differing heights. We stayed off to the right with the low slide and about 2 foot high dinosaur bones to climb on. There is a water wall and a cave to walk through on that side as well. The left side has some bigger kid tunnels that are high above the ground. On hot days they blow mist into the area and there are some tarp like shade coverings above as well. There was also a photopass photographer inside that got some great candid shots of our son.

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Is 30 min too long, not enough, just right?

How old are your kids? It honestly could be all of the above. I know some families have to drag their kids away from here, but I imagine other kids aren’t as interested.

She is almost 6. 30 min would probably be more than enough time for her unless she finds a pal.

Agreed! I think that is a good time to put. I think stroller kids might welcome a chance to run around a bit. But I think a 6 year old would probably be ready to do something else after 15-20 minutes.

thanks for your input. :slight_smile: