AK Backstage hopes

Good afternoon!

Traveling in Sept. I’m a veterinary technician and work as an educator for an educational outreach “zoo” in NH, and I’m wondering…if I happen to casually mention this to a CM at conservation station, what do you think my odds are that I could peek backstage at their facilities? Obviously I understand the safety issues, but crossing my fingers for some extra magic!

I’d say it’s very improbable. Disney keeps a close eye on what the public is able to see, and even backstage tours are only allowed in specific areas. They want to keep their image pristine

Take the “Backstage Safari” tour, you’ll love it. It includes some barns, pantry & kitchen, and the medical building.

I used to do things like that when I worked at an aquarium BUT always planned ahead. Is your organization in the AZA? DAK is a member. Why wouldn’t you write or call them ahead of time? Or, if that doesn’t work, have your supervisor reach out to them. With planning ahead, I’d bet a dole whip that you can pull it off.

But, to answer your question, my guess is that a day of casual comment will not open doors.

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We’re ZAA, not AZA. I’ll definitely try to contact someone and see if they at least have a schedule of their procedures that would be able to be viewed by the public. One of my vet tech co-workers got to see a dental procedure on a tiger, that would be so cool! Thanks for the feedback!