AK Area Dining - Yak n Yeti Ahi Tuna vs Jiko Filet

I have more “wants” than “able to eats” for our Animal Kingdom time. I have no choice but to cut something.

Here is my wishlist:
Yak n Yeti - Ahi Tuna Nachos and Green Bean Fries
Satuli - Protein Bowl
Jiko (AKL) - Steak and Mac N Cheese

Satuli is non-negotiable. We really, really must try that. I currently have Yak n Yeti reservations for lunch, intending to do Satuli in the evening. But we would like to enjoy a good steak while on vacation, and I’ve heard AMAZING things about the Jiko Filet.

So, I need opinions: should I keep my original plan or cancel my Yak n Yeti and hit Satuli for lunch then get a reservation for Jiko after the park closes at 8p? There are so many mixed reviews about Yak n Yeti, but on the other hand, Jiko would require an extra stop and a late dinner for the family (DH, DS8, DS5,myself). Late dinners aren’t a huge issue (we will have a break in the day), but it still weighs a little in the decision.

If I do choose Jiko, what time should I make my reservations? There are currently numerous options between 8:15 - 9:45. I will be driving my own vehicle and I will be watching RoL at 6:30. I have nothing on my touring plan after the show. We were just going to hang out and explore, but we could really leave anytime.

And, I know opinions vary, and I need to take my own family’s needs and attitudes into account, but I am torn so I would just like a few more thoughts on the subject. Thanks, everyone!

I’m assuming you’re not on the dining plan? If you are, Jiko is 2 credits. It’s signature so will cost more (though probably not twice as much!) as Y&Y. I’ve never heard a bad review of either restaurant. If you do Jiko, I’d pick the earliest available. It’s a short drive from AK.

I too have heard great things about Yak and Yeti but given a choice I will always say Jiko!

I have to ask- did you consider Tiffins?

Yes, this is correct. I will be paying out of pocket. I am ok with the higher prices of Jiko because if I cancel Yak & Yeti, I will also cancel my Mama Melrose at DHS. I know that makes no sense to be connected, but in my convoluted planning, it actually does. :grin: I have both the Mama Melrose Steak w/ Mac n Cheese and the Dark Side Chicken and Waffles from Backlot Express (for the novelty of it) on my wishlist for DHS. I only have room in my DHS plan for one meal, and I chose Mama Melrose over Backlot Express. But I can get a killer Steak w/ Mac n Cheese at Jiko, I will no longer need the Mama Melrose and I’ll be able to get the Chicken and Waffles I wanted.

Yes, initially this was on my wishlist, particularly the Prix Fixe Menu, but it was cut toward the beginning of the process. While every single review is crazy good, I didn’t see anything on the menu that threw itself at me. I think maybe my pallet is a bit immature for their high-end food. Actually, I do enjoy exotic and/or high-end food, and I would probably love everything, but I wouldn’t know how to order. Knowing that Yak and Yeti had the Ahi Tuna Nachos trumped the “not sure what to get” at Tiffins. Is there something in particular at Tiffins I should go there for instead of Jiko? That may be a good option.

I am happy to know neither of you have heard any negative reviews of Yak and Yeti. I’ve read that it’s just “meh” or it’s “fine” but not “good” compared with the other options - Tiffins, Flame Tree BBQ, Satu’li and even Yak and Yeti Cafe (QS). I always wonder if people are jaded by it because it is a Landry’s instead of a Disney restaurant.


I love the chicken and waffles! I ordered them as they are a novelty too - you don’t get combos like that in the UK! - but it was so good!

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Y&Y is a good TS; the ahi tuna salad is one of my favorite lunches in WDW. But Jiko is an order of magnitude better with regards to food quality and service. If you’re OK with the signature prices, then it’s a no contest comparison.

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Jiko’s great. We’d have trouble eating that late after a full day at the park with kids but if yours can make it go for it!

I have taken another look at Tiffins, since it was suggested. It seems like it might be the best deal going if I am able to get the RoL dining package. Haven’t seen them come out yet, but I’ll keep an eyes open for it. It’s a tough choice either way - Tiffins would be a super early dinner because the latest reservation has to be 3 hours before the show (3:30!), but Jiko would have to be a super late dinner. I can see needing a reservation 2 hours early - but 3? Why?! Is an hour too little to budget for Y&Y or Tiffins? Also, don’t they charge your card immediately for package reservations. You would think it shouldn’t matter when your reservation is.

An hour is probably fine for Y&Y, BOG was our only non-signature that took longer. But I’d say at least 90 mins for Tiffins (or Jiko) and possibly longer.

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