AK Animation Experience refurb February 2020

While modifying our FPs, I noticed the Animation Experience was only available through January 2020. Starting in February, it is closed for refurbishment according to MDE (website).


For real?! That’s ridiculous given that whole area was just closed for a long refurb last year. :roll_eyes:

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There’s been some weirdness there. I have a trip in 27 days and when I tried to book my 60 day fastpasses it wasn’t available at all. Then, about a week ago, it showed up and I could book it for any day of our trip.


Very interesting…my mom and I really enjoyed our experience there in July; although, the only things to do were the animation experience and watching an animal surgery (super cool!). I can’t imagine going out of my way to get there unless there were other attractions. The small petting area is really poor with limited animal options. Given the distance from the main park, I’m sure it is hard to know how much money to sink into the space given the foot traffic.

I agree, but it’s not really that difficult to have animal/vet/nature experiences–tons of science centers have top-notch areas like that on much, much smaller budgets than Disney can afford. Add a character meet, a 3-d movie, a play area, some more animal exhibits. Not really expensive, but make it worth a train ride to the “backstage” area to get away from the park maybe similar to tom sawyer island.