AK and new crowd levels

I had our day planned at AK on a CL day of 5 with EMM starting at 8 am. Now I see another of my days while there dropped to a CL of 2 at AK with no EMM. Should I change my day?:thinking::grimacing::thinking: We are talking about the week of July 20th.

I wouldn’t. besides showing up 90 minutes for RD is much easier with a 9am opening.

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@DJM1959 EMM (paid ticket event) or EMH (free for on-site stays)? I didn’t know they had been doing EMM for AK. Just trying to understand what you meant.

I would ignore the crowd level. There’s not a huge difference between 5 and 2. Would you be there early for EMH? If so, do that day. If you think you might have trouble getting there early, do the no EMH day.

Sorry EMH not EMM.

Definitely taking advantage of EMH and arriving early. Thank you for the confirmation to stick with my plan.

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EMH plus 3 FP is pretty much the perfect AK day.

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What does “Club Level” do for you? Is it an actual place? Hotel? Thanks

Crowd Level

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