AK and MK RD Strategies

Looking for some opinions on my rope drop strategies for AK and MK the week of Presidents Day. I know the parks will be crowded so hoping to knock out a lot of attractions early before using fast passes and taking a more relaxed approach midday when the crowds are at their peak.

We were lucky enough to get a FOP fast pass so I was thinking of rope dropping NRJ and maybe even riding Dinosaur before our 9:25-10:25 Everest FP window closes. Does this seem too ambitious? Would it make more sense to casually go to Dinosaur at open and not deal with the Pandora crowds at RD? Our FOP FP isn’t until 6:25pm so not sure if it makes more sense to ride NRJ after that? I want to ride it but also don’t want to wait too long based on some of the lackluster reviews I’ve seen.

As for MK, I was thinking of rope dropping Peter Pan and then hopefully heading to Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Pirates on the way to our 10:50-11:50 Thunder Mountain FP. Does that seem doable? I’ve been tracking the wait time for most of those and they seem relatively high midday so seem like ideal ones to knock out in the morning. Thoughts?


So, annoyingly, Dinosaur doesn’t always open at park opening, or at least it didn’t when we went. It also closed early. Very annoying.

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Have you ridden FOP? I ask because it’s one of those rides that many people want to do more than once (it really is that amazing). So you could RD FOP and use your FPP later in the day.

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I think Navi to Dinosaur to Everest should be fine. Also keep in mind that FastPass has a grace period of 5 min before the window and 15 min after, so you really have until 10:40 to make your window. But I would be very surprised if, rope dropping Navi, you can’t do Dinosaur and get to Everest before 10:25.

Re MK, that seems very doable. You probably could even fit in something else like Small World after Pan (pan is very short). I’d suggest creating a Touring Plan for those days and have use the optimizer to figure out the best path to minimize your wait times. But seems solid to me.

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