AK After hours worth it w/o FOP?

I saw that there’s a DAH in AK during my next trip and I was kinda tempted, but really this event is obviously intended for people who want to ride FOP until they puke.

What if one does not wish to ride FOP more than say…once, and that’s mostly so one can check out the standby queue(if it’s being used)? Ya think it’d be worth it? I find AK to be amazing at night, but the lack of rides could lead to a bit of boredom (as it did for me in HS’s DAH on my last trip).

I did DAH at AK in December and I’m doing it again this summer. I did NRJ twice, FOP three times and EE once.

I’m doing it again because

It’s open, but you don’t have to use it.

The time went by very quickly.

I found it . . . kinda dark, to be honest. Except Pandora, obviously.

It’s a less obvious must-do.

I’m aiming for two NRJs, two FOPs and a leisurely walk through the FOP standby line.

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I’ve been wondering about this too… I’ve never done any DAH before, thinking about MK and AK both during my September trip. But I’m more about the atmosphere than any one ride - I mean I like all the rides, but am good to ride most just once. But an empty park at night… just sounds cool. Not sure if it’s really worth the $$ though

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I have to say I don’t think it will be “worth it” for you. They did not let us go through the queue when I went. You could do Navi and maybe see RoL? Would you go to the Dance Party, Triceratops Spin, It’s Tough to be a Bug, or Dinosaur? You don’t do EE-right?

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Is primeval whirl open for DAH? I only want to do it if i can ride PW non-stop for 3 hours.


Nope - you have to schedule that before that park closes.

Do you carry a helmet in your backpack for multiple rides?


I think a neck brace would be more helpful


Out of those, Dinosaur would really be the only that I’d be interested in. So I’m thinking you’re right, it might be best to just pass on it.

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What? That’s a deal-breaker for me. When did you go? I did it in December and the standby line was open the whole time.

February- it was the first sold out event. They blocked it for us. Park closed at 8:00, After hours started at 8:30 and they asked us to not even go into Pandora until after 9:00.

Unacceptable. I wonder how common that is. They didn’t in December. It’s a big deal to me.

@Dreamer, was the queue open or closed for you? I am interested since I have never been through that queue.

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I’m tempted to write to guest services to get something in writing. But they make it up as they go along.


Is it possible the standby queue was only closed until the non-dah guests finally cleared out? Just wondering. You probably hit the nail on the head with this:

I just did an AH event at AK less than a month ago. My kids later said it was there favorite thing of the whole trip. Now…that was because they LOVED FOP and rode it several times. We ended up doing the Triceratops Spin because they liked controlling how each dino moved, Dinosaur a few times, Navi River Journey twice, Rivers of Light, and FOP three times. We also each got about 4 drinks, 2 containers of popcorn (they later let us take 3 boxes each home with us at the end of the night) and 3 ice creams. Expedition Everest is supposed to be available for AH and is listed on the paper they give you when you check in but our night it was down, which was a real bummer because we had wanted to ride it at night. I have since noticed in other blogs and videos that EE going down before the event is quite a frequent occurrence.
Looking back, I would say it was alot of fun…but I would probably have paid the EMM-style prices at $69-$79 a person rather than the $125. It is cool to be practically alone in the park and Pandora is really magical at night. But…it is not worth the price, especially if you are not a big FOP fan and if EE is not up and running.

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Was the queue for FoP Open?

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Oddly, I don’t know. We didn’t ask about it since we have seen it plenty of times. I don’t remember seeing anyone in it, but that might not mean anything.

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When the queue isn’t “open”, does that mean FP’s exclusively are being used? We’re two weeks out and don’t have an FP for FOP, so I’m starting to resign myself that we won’t get in

I believe they are only talking about the separate paid After Hours events that aren’t open to everyone and don’t use FPP at all.


Yes! Only during After Hours!

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