AK Advice on plan

Any suggestions Appreciated!
7 total 4 adults, Grandkids 17,18,4. Aug.31st. Ak CL 2 park hours 9am-8:30pm.

FOP Standby @ RD is huge variable, computer plans start at 945 if put in Navi FP even if I put in earlier start time. Left it off & starts with Navi at 910am, but not sure how accurate that leaves rest of plan, am tweaking plan & evaluating. I think I’m overthinking!

What I’m thinking: No FoP FP so Early Rope drop for us.

Be at ASMO bus stop 7am or before if we can be. Be at AK gate 730am

.Rope drop FOP with child swap. can 2 adults wait with 4 yo?

Have Navi River FP 945-1045, If we can get on FOP & to Navi without much wait will cancel FP & try for earlier Safari or EE FP

Take back path up near Lion King to FP KS @ 1050-1045 depending on time will move up or switch to EE

EE if no FP depending on time, single rider Line Maybe, can do after Kali

Have FP for Kali @1155

After Pandora stuff use computer plan for late morning/afternoon adjusting time as needed. Should I Evaluate or Optimize on App? Don’t want to be on phone whole time.

748 sunset time. See Tree of life Awakenings, on way to Pandora, see Pandora till around 815 then head to ROL? Hoping for 4th FP.

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We were at AK for rope drop last week and speed-walked over to FOP. When we got there, the line was already halfway to the bridge to Africa. I could never get a Fast Pass. We didn’t go on. I don’t know how people are getting their kids to wait in a 3-hour line. Mine would never make it (9- and 10-yo boys).


The key to FOP RD is that you really need to be there a solid hour before opening. If you can’t do that you’ll end up like @dawnseshadri and either wait a long time or skip it. Being there an hour before puts you in the front of the pack and you will have little or no wait.

To “trick” the plan, insert a 30 minutes break at 0900 into your plan. Note that that is your FOP ride time. Pick up the plan from there and it should be pretty accurate.

THe back path from pandora to FOTLK will most likely not be open yet. They use that area for the morning queue and it won’t open until later.

I don’t optimize once I’m there. I optimize and evaluate like hell at home before we go and once I get it just right I leave it alone.


Thank You! I think my biggest problem was figuring out how to “trick” the plan. We plan to be there 1 1/2 hr before open so hopefully at front of pack. Good point of FOTLK path, And I thought I was being so Smart taking back path as short cut. Lol

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Your plan sounds pretty good. I wouldn’t count on being able to modify the KS FPP, though. Sometimes you can find those during the day if you keep checking often enough, but other days the Safari FPP are tough to get. Of course, the standby wait time might not be that bad after you’ve ridden the two Pandora attractions, or you might arrive just in time for the 10:00am FothLK show (if that’s on your agenda for the day) and then be pretty close to your KS FPP window.

You might also save a little time by having the adults waiting with your 4 year old ride NRJ standby (after getting their rider swap passes). Unless the whole group wants to ride together, there’s no other reason to just stand around while everyone else rides FoP. With all the preshows, even with FPP FoP takes close to half and hour and you should take less time than that to ride NRJ standby in the first hour the park is open.

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