AK Adult -Only Evening with Pandora

DH and I will be on our 1st adult-only trip to Disney in 25 years in July. We’ve been to WDW multiple times with the kids, so this trip is more about us. We’ve got an Epcot and MK tour planned for different mornings, and we plan to head over to AK one evening from 7-10pm only. We will eat at Boma (our favorite) at 5:00, so we won’t need dinner, but we’d like to see the new Avatar land. I was planning on using FP+ at AK only that day. I thought I’d try for FP for Flight of Passage (7:00pm), Safari (8:00pm) and Everest (9;00pm). We could catch ROL at 9:15, but it’s not a must-do since we just saw it when it opened. Comments/suggestions?

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Sounds fun! For comparison, DH and I are doing an adults-only trip in July, and we’re doing this for an AK evening:

5-6pm - FoP FP+
Time at Nomad Lounge (if it isn’t crazy - it was our fav spot last trip, but that was pre-Pandora)
8:35 - RoL FP+ (we haven’t seen it, and aren’t keen on waiting a long time)
9:35 - EE FP+ (and probably more, in the single rider line…it’s one of our faves)

If you guys like creative drinks, Nomad is great. They even have some awesome-looking mocktails, if you’re not a drinker. Also, if you need a little snack there, I liked the ribs.


Must do this, especially for adult only time. Try for a spot on the porch if it’s lovely out. Just magical.

Plan sounds workable, but leaves you with SB for Na’vi River Journey, which is predicted to have long lines all day. If you don’t care about ROL, that might be a good time to try NRJ as a SB.