AK - 2 ROL Times

I’m a little confused AK closes at 10pm but there is a 2nd showing of ROL that night at 10:30? How can that be if the park is closed or is that for people still in the park?

“Closed” is when they stop letting guest through the tapstiles. Guests already in a queue or restaurant will be allowed to finish. It can take an hour or more to actually empty a park after “closing”. Nighttime shows are often at, or just after, “closing”.

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In our experience the second ROL show is much less crowded.

We have the dining package seats but its confused me when I saw 1st viewing.

So you have seats for the first show with the dining package?

yes but I just noticed now the 2nd time showing

For the first show it is definitely worth having the dining package. Even with that you will need to be there about 30-45 minutes before the show.


Fantastic info ty so much, we arrive in 10 days…cant wait its our first trip!!

Have fun. It will be awesome. It’s a great time of year to go.

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How early do you recommended queueing for the 1030 ROL then? Is FPP needed/helpful or a waste? We are choosing btw FPP for FOTLK and ROL.

We went to the second show of ROL last summer and the theatre wasn’t even half full. I don’t think it was an anomaly because second shows or second parades in general seem to be less crowded.
I would think there is a possibility of picking up a FPP for the second ROL even later in the day. I also think that you could even do standby for the second show.

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