AirTag for tracking luggage 🧳

I just got an AirTag that I’ll be using to track my checked suitcase on upcoming trips to Vegas and WDW.

What’s been your experience traveling with Airtagged luggage?

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@mousematt is this what you had? Or did you have an iPhone product in your luggage that was being tracked? I remember it came in handy when you almost missed your flight home from Miami.

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I put an AirTag in my suitcase and was surprised by how often it seemed to know where it was. It was fun to track its progress.


It’s not completely clear what to do with the settings for this purpose. I assume I don’t enable Lost Mode unless I lose track of my suitcase, but then I’m not sure how that differs from Notify When Found (a separate toggle).

I haven’t had to use lost mode or notify when found…but I have used the make sound feature to find them. They were fun to track on our trip and helped me know when to call BS for our bags for our split stay. I knew exactly when they arrived!


I just used them for my flights and Disney cruise. You just go to “find my” on your iPhone and then “items”. I would get notifications when they were away from me. Would also get notification when they were detected near me. So cool to track where everything was. Could tap and find out where everything was.


Bit of a digression. I’m in the Facebook group for my upcoming DCL trip. Someone recently posted that they lost an AirTag on a previous cruise. They’re still getting updates and have been tracking the ship all over the place. They’ll be cruising on the same ship in January and hope to find the wayward tag.


Ok now I need updates. Please circle back in January. :rofl: