Airport transportion

Cheapest easiest way to get to my offsite hotel from the airport. We ended up coming in a day early, so we have a one night stay offsite in Kissimee. How would I go about getting there if I am not renting a car or taking magical express?? Are there any shuttles for hire? looks like lyft or uber could be a option but maybe pricey??

Uber/Lyft will be the cheapest. You could also use a private car service but that most likely will be 3x as much as Uber/Lyft?

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Any Idea what it could cost? Is there a way to get a price quote? I think I’ve used uber once in my life!

Be aware of the car seat laws if you have kids. Not all Uber /Llyft will have them, I think you can order one with car seats though.

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We don’t need one any more, he is 9 and past the height/weight requirements!!

You can use this to estimate the Uber cost:

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@amberlys94 - We had a similar situation. We stayed offsite at one that had its own airport shuttle. We used their shuttle to get from airport to that hotel, then back to the airport the next day where we used DME to get to our WDW hotel. Just provide flight info to DME as if you arrived that day. It’s all free, you just need to allow time.

That’s works best if your offsite hotel is near the airport, but your stay is in Kissimee…


I price checked the Uber, looks like it will be about 38$. There are also some shuttles I can use.
Thanks guys. We have a countdown of 35 days!!

So $38 each way? That’s $76. How much more to stay onsite and not have that hassle? I’d check into it, personally

I only need it one way, since we will be on property the rest of the trip. I already asked my agent for the extra night she said they were sold out.

How are you going to get from that hotel to onsite tho?

we will have to wake up and take another uber I imagine. I have also considered just renting a car, we loved having the convenience of our own transportation last time, but the rates are very very high this time, double what we paid for a week rental last april.

So like I said, figure $38 each way (maybe a little less for that second one). I’d keep checking for an onsite room. Room availability is VERY fluid and once you get inside 30 days I bet things will loosen up as people begin cancelling reservations before penalty period.

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It is not a reliable method as uber only has like 20 drivers with car seats. Lyft doesn’t offer it yet. Just FYI.

Uber’s prices fluctuate based on demand. I wouldn’t rely on their calculator. Depends on how busy it is when you get in. I googled it last time and found some good small companies on Yelp that had decent reviews that weren’t very expensive (like $45).

no car seat needs for us, so one less thing I have to worry about.

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I’ll do a little more searching.

We paid $36 to Uber from MCO to HS in Oct-2018. We Ubered repeatedly during our trip and found it fast, efficient, and cheap when moving between parks & resorts.


just price checked a room for our arrival night. The cheapest onsite room was 334$. That was for AoA. All the other values and most mods were sold out, but I will look again after the 30 day mark, which would be the 10Th

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After doing a bit more research it seems that Kissimmee is in very close proximity to the parks. The place we are booking also has a shuttle to the parks. Looks like the biggest expense would be getting from the airport at around 40$. I contacted my agent today and still no availability, at least nothing in my price range, we are talking 300-400$ a night . So we will rough it till we can check into POFQ. First day is going to be a bit of a free day anyways, since it wasn’t planned as a park day originally, we didn’t book FPs. Then once on property everything will fall into place. Going straight into the bubble from the airport would be ideal, just not affordable at this time

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